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Survivors of sexual violence who choose to report need an environment that is empowering, non-intimidating and non-judgmental.


Latest Updates

The Ready to Report team has joined hands with the Pune police to ensure women's safety and a safer process of reporting sexual violence. As a part of this collaboration, the Commissioner of Police Rashmi Shukla, delivered an opening speech for one our events during the 16 Days of Activism. Besides that, training sessions were also conducted with police personnel on the issue of women's safety and sexual violence against women.

As part of the Ready to Report project this year, close door sessions were conducted with corporate employees on the issue of women’s safety, sexual harassment and the process of filing an FIR. The companies include Tech Mahindra, MPhasis, DSM, Source HOV and others.


Have you ever faced sexual violence? Did you report it to the police or anyone else? Your experience can help others with the confidence to report sexual violence if they choose to.

Tell Us Your Story